b:seen UK are the appointed #DSMMCM1617 Agency for Charnwood Trust. In this post, Unsuitable Digital Media Communications Approaches will be discussed. In previous posts, Our Main Audiences have been covered and Suitable Digital Media Communications Approaches.

Unsuitable Digital and Social Media Communications Approaches

Approach Advantages Disadvantages
Snapchat Ability to add geofilters 60% of users are under 25 which doesn’t resonate with our target audience 
Direct Email Marketing Ability to personalise each email Could come across as spam
YouTube Adverts Relatively low prices considering the scale of YouTube’s size  Unable to ensure views, all depends on the video and production costs associated


Justification of inappropriateness

As Charnwood Trust is a charity, it wouldn’t be wise to pay for Snapchat advertisement, especially with those who fund charities focusing on accountability of finances. Snapchat’s audience also doesn’t match our intended audience as the mean age is 16-24.

Mass email marketing could damage potential clients’ view on the organisation due to the frequency email.

YouTube adverts work well for large companies, but for a small, local organisation with low financial resource, it may not produce a high ROI.

109/200 Words

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